Tuesday, September 21, 2010

superheroes, part 2

After my post on Sunday, I heard from my "first" best friend, Theresa, who lived near me in Ohio when we were between 3 and 5 years old.  I love that she and I are still in touch with each other after all these years, much has changed but our friendship transcends distance and differences.  The capes I had made reminded her of escapades that she and I had in our matching Wonder Woman Underoos.  I have vivid memories of running down the street to her house, wearing just my underoos (with the accessory pack, of course: plastic belt, wrist bands, crown, and rope).  I love the memories of that innocent time, how safe our neighborhood seemed, how each day revolved around what game we would invent.  We had so much fun imagining we were saving the world from evil, being powerful super heroes and beautiful women.  Who knew that 30 years later we would be raising beautiful families, working part time in careers we love, and still saving the world from evil, in our own little ways.  Theresa, we are both still Wonder Women! 

I pray that we are giving our children role models, both imaginary and real, that they will also carry with them into adulthood.  Will it be Superman, the Backyardigans, Firefighters, Teachers, Princesses or someone else? Will Jesus be one of their super-heroes? Who will you teach your children to look up to?

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  1. Katie! This post made me cry tears of happiness. Some of my first and best memories are of just the things you mention here. Everything is more in the forefront lately now that my daughter is the same age that we were then. I love you and I love our enduring friendship. Thank you for putting all of this in words.
    Wonder Twin Power Activate!