Sunday, February 10, 2013

in the news lately

Literally! My girlie and her brownie troop took a fun tour of one of our local news stations, ABC2 news. They had so much fun quietly watching as the anchorwoman and weatherman broadcast the 6 o'clock news, seeing the control room and the news room. 

But the best part was after the news, when they were able to sit at the news desk, and to play in front of the green screen that is used to broadcast the weather. Putting green t-shirts on made them into "floating heads" as they literally became part of the weather map. By the end, I think most of the girls were envisioning careers in television news!

Tagalong brother, of course, was most interested in how all the equipment worked.

The station employees were so kind and gracious! Special thanks to Cheryl Conner, the aunt of one of our brownies, who is a station reporter, and who conducted this fabulous tour for us!

blasting into february

My "baby" turned five this week. FIVE. He is amazing. (of course as his mama, I have no bias. at all. hmm.)

I love this boy that is still the best snuggler I know. I love the cuddly warm times in the morning, just before I rise, when he climbs in bed with me.  I love how he comes running with "Snuggle!" being shouted like a war cry, and he's getting so big, I almost always have to reply, "Gentle!!!" before he tackles me.

I love this boy that is an engineer in the making, loving machines and inventions and learning how things work. I love hearing him ask his daddy, "Did you fix any machines today, daddy?" (which, usually, the answer is yes...). I love seeing him build castles and sawmills and factories out of big cardboard blocks, wooden blocks, lego blocks, and just about anything else that he can get his hands on. This week he had the play kitchen laying down flat and it was a spaceship.

I love this boy that is learning to read, more words each day! I love reading books with him; lately it has been all the Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant.  I love seeing him starting to write. And watching his brain at work. 

I love this boy that is a loyal friend and loyal brother. I love this boy that sings worship songs with me in the car, and loves to go to "big church" so he can sing. His ability to learn songs is amazing! I love this boy who is growing up so fast and is still so much a little boy.  Above all else, I love him because he is MY BOY.

We celebrated with family on his birthday, and will have a bit of a party next month when we take a few friends to see monster trucks in action at Monster Jam! His birthday request was an astronaut costume, as he has envied costumes that two of his friends (brothers) have had for a few years. And he has worn said costume for at least part of the day, every. single. day. since his birthday on Monday.  Five is a good year. I am so glad to be sharing in it with him!