Sunday, September 19, 2010

create : : superheroes wear pajamas... least in our house, anyway!  These have been in the works for a couple of months, I think...first in my head, then in cut out pieces on the shelf.  Finally got them assembled today, and as you can see, the kids were busy saving the world.  I made them out of lightweight fleece, which I love to sew hems, easy to applique on, kid friendly, and oh-so-soft.  Velcro closure to be at least a little safer than a tie, and easier for little hands.  I made the pattern out of a conglomeration of all the various pages from when I googled "superhero capes" back months ago (so, sorry, I don't recall any of the links!).  "Butterfly Girl" and "Bubble Boy" are here to help all mankind! (and, no, I don't know why he is "Bubble Boy"--who can know the mind of a 2 1/2 year old??) 


  1. Those are wonderful! Love the "bubble boy" -- kids are so funny.

  2. Thanks, Amber! (and for leaving me my first comment!) I enjoyed your blog. It looks like we have a lot in common!