Wednesday, September 15, 2010

disclaimer: let's just get this said...

If you are reading this, you should know up front that I am a Christian. You'll notice that I read books sometimes that are about Jesus, or about growing in my faith, or other similar topics.  You may see my faith creep into posts about parenting, or my crafting.  You may see posts that are purely about what God is teaching me.

You should also know that I am going to try to be honest with you. And that means you will see my imperfections, my failures, and the places where I fall dramatically short of my goals.  I do not always have it together when it comes to my faith or any other part of my life.  But I am trying to live out a life that reflects God and how much love Jesus has for me (and you!).  I hope this view of my life may help you to widen your heart toward God, and if you want to talk about it, I'd be glad to, either on or off of this blog, depending on whether the conversation seems to follow what I'm currently blogging.

I'm adding a box today with my purpose statement.  This is something I developed earlier this year, and is kind of a touchstone for me to see how I'm doing in my life...both in the big picture, and in the daily moments.  It should also give you an idea of how I see creativity fitting in with my faith, and how all the things in my life work together toward that word: THRIVE!

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