Thursday, September 16, 2010

daily moments

Spending the day with my boy, while his sister is at kindergarten. And as he just went down for his nap, I thought about the moments this morning held:
  • Making a batch of bread dough, which has not risen after five hours, meaning my sourdough starter is dead. I guess I left it a day or two too long between feeds. Luckily there's still some bread from the last batch or two in the freezer.
  • Trip to the post office and library this morning, reminding me that every errand is an adventure with a two year old! We mailed a little gift off to a friend and her new baby that included one of the many baby hats I've knit this year:

  • Fun at the park: while the little guy got to do what little guys do, running around playing and exploring, Mama got to play too...with my new camera lens! Its a 50 mm f1.8 that I got for my birthday. I am really liking it, but I still need to work on the focus issue: auto focus doesn't always focus on what I want, manual is too slow for my moving target boy! Here's the best of the morning shots:

And now on to our afternoon.  While he sleeps, I will finish here, and hopefully spend some time reading and knitting (and perhaps some laundry) before the school bus arrives.  Then this evening we are off to our "home group"--friends who are like family, who get together each week for Bible study, prayer and to enjoy each other.  My kids would be the first to say that its a favorite time for all of us this week.  What are your moments today?

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