Thursday, September 23, 2010

read & create : : fanned bag

I love crafting books. Knitting books. Sewing books. Scrapbooking books. Quilting books. And since my budget is not infinite (!) I also love my local library, and interlibrary loan.  I've been reading Simple Gifts To Stitch: 30 Elegant and Easy Projects, by Jocelyn Worrall recently, and this afternoon I tried out her "Fanned Bag". In the book she makes it with a metallic sheen vinyl, which is nice and even dressy.  I decided to dress it down a bit, with a cotton decorating-weight fabric I had picked up a while ago, nice and sunny and bright. 

I was delighted that it only took about an hour to make, perfect for during the little guy's nap time.  I even added a little metallic clasp.  And now its just waiting...probably to have a knitting project put into it for easy transport!  A fun little project for a sunny afternoon.

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