Thursday, August 18, 2011

create:: boy's flag garland

The boy has a nice big bedroom. He has a fun quilt I reconstructed last fall from a larger one, and he has the left-over quilt squares framed, for some great wall art. The curtains were lovingly sewn from an extra set of pottery barn sheets (consignment shop score!). And yet...

The walls in his room are that dreaded "apartment-white" color. I'm not quite ready to paint them, and the big wall just seemed a little bit, well, plain.  So when I made a flag garland (pennant banner, whatever you want to call it) for the Fourth of July to decorate our food area, an idea was born.  I reused some of those patriotic red, white, and blue fabrics; added some yellow and a great "transportation" print from Joann's, and got to work.
Here's the brief how-to.  Cut triangles from fabric with pinking shears.  Sandwich the top edges between the folds of some 1/2" double-fold bias tape (I used navy), and sew along the open edge of the bias tape. Hang with upholstry tacks or other decorative tacks.  Voila! His room now looks much more complete, and put together.  When he gets a little bit bigger (i.e. less prone to get into things when he's supposed to be napping), I foresee some accessories along that dresser. Alas, for now it must stay bare. But the room still looks pretty good, to my eye. And he loves his new banner.

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  1. That is TOO funny! Great minds really do think alike! Seriously, what are the chances ;~) It really is too bad we are so far away from each other... that is one reason I am grateful for blogs and facebook... doesn't make me feel so far away ;~)