Friday, August 5, 2011

little girl turning six

On this day six years ago, my first child, my wonderful girl, came into the world.  She was in a hurry...less than 5 hours of labor, and only an hour and a half at the hospital, before she arrived.  And then she was screaming mad.  Something about this world being a lot bigger, colder, and brighter than she had imagined, and she cried for most of her first three hours.  

Since then, she has retained her flair for the dramatic, and still takes on new things with great energy and enthusiasm.  This summer, as she turns six, I have loved seeing her reading chapter books that she couldn't have a few months ago; I have watched her joy as she learned to boogie-board at the ocean with her cousins; I have seen her gain confidence swimming in the pool.  I see her as a girl who makes friends easily, who smiles readily, who loves a new adventure.

Happy sixth birthday, baby girl! You are my love and my delight.  I can't wait to see what God will bring to your life this coming year!

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