Saturday, August 6, 2011

summer fun:: beach trip

All the cousins at the Jersey Shore!
There are very few places on earth I love more than the beach. Ocean views, salt air, sandy toes, and I am a happier person for just being there. So this week was a wonderful break as the kids and I headed to Wildwood and Cape May, NJ, for 2 nights with my parents, and also with extended family of 2 of my cousins, their families, who are now cousins to my kids, and also my aunt and uncle. We try to do this annually if possible,  as our families live far and wide now, and it's great to get together and relax.  I love seeing my kids, especially the girlie, building friendships with her cousins. 
on the beach with Grandma and Grandpa
cute cousins in cute swim suits
This year we also saw her boldly go where she had not gone before...out into the waves, riding a boogie-board with joy and wild abandon. So much that I had to drag her out of the cold-ish water every hour or two to warm up and rest! Both kids loved playing in the water this year, much more than past years.

serious about that big wave...
all the cousins...out to catch a wave!
There was also plenty of splashing on the shore, digging holes and looking for treasure.  The girlie at one point kept digging and digging and finally asked, "When will I get to the bottom?"

We also celebrated the girlie's birthday with the family while we were together, and I think you can see the delight on her face.
So, all in all, it was fun, it was short, but it was the beach. And we all had a very good time.

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  1. That line up shot is awesome! So cute! And girly hitting the waves... isn't watching them grow and get more bold so wonderful? Chase has been coming out of his shell more and more and it's so amazing to watch!