Sunday, August 14, 2011

summer fun:: stay-cation, part 2...

After our adventures at the Lego Brickfair, and our trip to the movies, we were ready to get outside and get active. So our adventure this Wednesday was to Six Flags America, an amusement park that is not too far to be a good day trip.  We had an enormous amount of fun, and in fact, I barely touched my camera all day. But here's proof that we were there....

On to Thursday. And our first adventure was taking the little buddy to get two stitches in his chin, after slipping running up a couple steps in our house.  But that only really served to make him look tougher for our evening adventure, sailing with Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake.  This is something I've thought for a long time would be a lot of fun. Its a little on the pricey side but we did have a great time....starting with the tough pirate tatoos, sailing out following the "treasure map", shooting Pirate Pete with the water-cannons to get the treasure chest keys back, sharing in the pirate booty and finding a secret stash of "grog" to celebrate.  It was the most gorgeous evening of the week, too...not too hot, clear, and overall, a great time to be out on the water in Annapolis.

Day five, of our Stay-cation, was a trip into Washingon, D.C.  This is usually a day-trip I do on my own with the kids, and it was fun to have the hubby join us.  First we wandered around the Washington monument (not knowing we should have requested tickets ahead of time!), and saw the World War II memorial.  Then off to the Smithsonian:  American history for lunch, dollhouses and first ladies dresses (girls), and trains and cars and things that go (boys).  A stop in Natural History to "see my friend T. Rex", as the boy put it, and enjoy some time in their hands-on discovery room.  And finally, a walk through the National Gallery of Art since the girlie had put "visit an art museum" at the top of her summer wish list. The statue below was my favorite art of the day, a "Young girl reading"...sadly I didn't record who sculpted it. She was just luminous.  A busy day... and a good way to wrap up our week, go home, and collapse in a heap of exhaustion.  What a week!

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