Sunday, June 5, 2011

create:: picnic blanket, and some miscellaneous other thoughts

Finally. Finally had time to put together the idea that was in my head. Finally got to see it turn out, yes, pretty much as I had imagined! I wanted to make a lightweight picnic blanket that would be water-resistant mud-resistant and yet comfy and pretty, for trips to the park this summer.  I had an idea to use an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth as the backing, and then made the top with a twin-sized sheet (cotton poly to make it easy care).  Thanks to Dollar General and the local Wal-Mart, total project cost was $9.50.  Not bad!  I sewed them together, inside out, then top-stitched around the edge. No need to even quilt the middle. The applique is based on the style of  Kajsa Wikman, who wrote  Scandinavian Stitches, and her blog, Syko. I love the raw edge with black outlining (yes, hard to see in the photo). Without further to-do, here it is!

As for the various miscellany mentioned in the title. The boy got a short haircut for the summer! Here's the before and after, what a difference! I'm getting used to it, and am pretty sure I love it. (It was my idea more than anyone else's.)


We've had a fun and busy weekend, with the girlie going on her very first sleep-over, a backyard campout with her Daisy scout troop...a great success other than producing one very tired little girl! She took an hour nap this morning and is quiet up in her room right now...resting or napping.

The rest of us spent a lovely evening with neighbors celebrating their little guy's 5th birthday. Burgers, cake, a fire-pit with marshmallows to roast. Relaxing and wonderful.

Lastly, we had a salad from our very own garden lettuce! Yum. I can't wait to harvest the next batch. 
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, too!

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  1. Oh Katie... now you have gone and given me another project! What a great idea and for such little $$! Thanks! And the boy looks adorable! Grown up but adorable ;~)