Monday, June 13, 2011

ideas for summer fun

With one day of school to go, I've been thinking a lot about how to make this summer special and fun for the kids. We've got a couple trips to the Lake planned, and swim lessons, and VBS (Vacation Bible School), but there is a lot of free time in between that I don't want to wonder "what did we do all summer?"

Here's some of my ideas, so far, gathered from near and far, blogs and magazines, books, and my very own little head.
  1. Glue batiks, see That artist woman's tutorial
  2. Tie Die t-shirts
  3. Nature journals...written and illustrated for the girlie, and perhaps dictated by the 3-year old?
  4. Fish prints
  5. Freezer-paper stencils
  6. Beach treasure bags, as found in Amanda Soule's book, Handmade Home  (p.125)
  7. Cooking with the kids, things like homemade pizzas, salsa from our garden, bread, etc.
  8. Embroidery hoop sewing for the girlie
  9. Home-made popsicles
  10. Sun prints
And then there are the "places to go":
  1. Farmers markets
  2. A water park that we've never been to (Chesapeake Beach)
  3. A pirate adventure (like this one)
  4. The beach. Of course!
  5. A hike to a waterfall
  6. Weekly trips to the Library 
  7. Exploring museums at the Smithsonian that we've not been to before
  8. Finding new and fabulous playgrounds and parks
Not a bad start. This week will be swim lessons (week 2 of 4), a library trip, a swimming play-date (already scheduled),  and perhaps a new playground (when we visit Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday). Wonder if I can squeeze a craft in there somewhere?

It's going to be a good summer. I can't wait.

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