Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer fun:: watkins park

Our second day of Summer vacation took us to Watkins Park. Two hours later we had conquered the carousel, gone for pony rides, waddled after a goose, and been chased by another goose, wandered around the farm, admired the peacocks, and played on the fabulous playground. There's a miniature train, too, but it wasn't running today...a great reason to go back!

Girl on a "Mer-horse"

Waddling after a goose!
Just before it attacked me!
 You'll notice there is a picture of the boy on a real live horse, but none of him on a carousel horse. Aparantly the live ones are much less scary! He did consent to ride the carousel later, with mom, sitting on one of the bench seats, while his sister rode again, on a deer.
Ladybug girl. Love those bruised up knees!

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