Monday, June 20, 2011

garden journal 6.20.11

First garden failure: peas.  Not a total failure, they did grow. 54 of them, to be exact. That is 54 peas, not 54 pea pods. See: 

Thats it. Total harvest. Plants withered up and pulled out yesterday. Hmm.  I guess we'll toss them into a salad or something. At least I have a lot of lettuce!

The lettuce in fact, has been a big success, yummy and plentiful.  And there are about 6 Roma tomatoes growing larger each day, a few cherry tomatoes just bigger than the peas, and blossoms on the zucchini.  There will be produce this summer. But I won't be shelling and freezing peas for next winter!

Here's the latest garden update:

Stuff is growing! Even if there's not much produce (yet), this black-thumbed girl finds so much joy just in seeing it grow. 

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