Monday, May 30, 2011

where to spend a hot day a cave, of course! We took a road trip out to Luray Caverns, in VA, today. Gorgeous drive over the blue-ridge mountains. Neither kid remembered seeing mountains before, so even though these are little ones, they thought it was great. And it was so refreshing to go from the 100 degree parking lot down into the 60-something cave. Not to mention the amazing beauty...To think God created such wonders under the ground, knowing that we humans would one day discover them. I marvel to imagine how those first explorers in the 1800's must have felt, with their lanterns as their only light, and no paved walkways to guide them! I took well over 100 photos (God bless digital photography!); here are some of my favorites:

The under-ground lake reflects the ceiling

Ripples in the rock created by water depositing minerals

 And then to finish the day with that iconic summer treat: an orange push-up pop! I felt like I was 12 again as I enjoyed mine along with the kids:

A great start to the Summer!

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