Wednesday, June 22, 2011

this extra-ordinary life

There are days when I look at my little suburban life and think it is so very, well, ordinary.  House in a neighborhood with sidewalks, in a pleasant suburb.  Two kids, two cats, one lovable goofy hubby. I look at this ordinary life, and I sometimes find myself wistful for something, something more extraordinary.  I think of family living in exotic locales thanks to the US military, and all they are experiencing on a daily basis. I think of missionary friends who have chosen to live in crazy places and of how they are engaging a culture so different than our own.  I read blogs of wonderful women who are homeschooling, raising chickens, living on large pieces of property in old houses they are slowly re-doing.   And blogs of women who get to do creative things like sewing, quilting, writing books, and so many other things...for their career.  Suddenly I am the one wanting to go abroad, to raise my children on a farm, to write a book, to sew quilts for a living.

And then.  Then I look at my kids, jumping with wild abandon into the backyard pool, splashing with friends. I step back and enjoy our weekly summer trip to the library and the joy of a few new books.  I feel gratitude for my little sewing/craft room, and that I get to work on sewing my new blouse, just for fun. I curl up on the couch during nap-time with a book, because I can, just for me. Sometimes the kids get chicken nuggets for dinner. Sometimes I make them something adventurous to eat, and its anyones guess whether it will succeed (tonight we will try lentils and zucchini). Daily we try to find the little lesson, like seeing how the vegetable garden is growing, Bible verses to teach us how to be a better family together, crafts and trips to parks.

I realize, this ordinary life, this being a suburban mom in a suburban house, really is extra-ordinary. Its the life God has given me, and it is so full of love. So full of His blessings. Full of friends, and laughter, and creativity, and joy.  Full of all the "extras" that make it extraordinary.

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  1. Life is great and yours is wonderful!! Sorry we couldn't make it over today. Leanna wouldn't have been able to go in the pool, but thank you so much for inviting us.