Tuesday, June 7, 2011

growing up

My little ones are still little. Three, and "not-quite-six", so I know that there is plenty of growing yet to do. Plenty of loving. Plenty of training and teaching. Today I see each one growing, stretching their wings in new ways.

My little buddy is having a "three-year-old day". Which is one of those days when I remember that being a mama to a boy of 3 is much harder than the so-called "terrible twos".  (It was the same when the girlie was three, and I wondered what I had gotten myself into...).  A day when he wants so badly to be the boss of his little life, to direct not only himself but also his mama at every twist and turn.  A day when tears come frequently and in torrents (his, not mine, so far).  A day when I ask him something simple, and he says "No!", and then throws himself into hysterics when he changes his mind, and I won't let him. A day when crying heading off to his nap trickles down to quiet tears as we remind each other that snuggles really do make it better, and that there is still plenty of love.  Growing a three year old boy is exhausting, but so worth it. Boy, do I love him.

And in the same breath, loving my girl, enough to let her take some baby-steps of independence.  I can't believe it but tomorrow she is heading out with her kindergarten for an over-night (!) trip to the school system's nature center.  God bless those teachers and chaperones--three classes of kindergartners, on an overnight trip.  I made an intentional decision to not go on this one. I have been there beside her for so much of the way, I decided that perhaps this would give her some self-confidence in doing it all by herself (ok, with 50-some of her closest kindergarten friends). Now with less than 24 hours till departure, I am wishing I was going, and yet knowing (hoping!) that I made the right choice for her.  I love seeing her maturing, taking these little flights.  As she grows and the flights get longer and further, I pray that I can love her and teach her well, and send her to her own future with confidence.  In the meantime, I may cry a tear as the bus leaves tomorrow.

So we are growing. My big Boy. My lovely Girl. And mama too.  Growing and learning from each other, pushing and pushing back, stretching wings and making first flights.  For I've never been mama to a three year old boy and five year old girl before, either. Together, we are all growing.

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  1. Beautifully written Katie! Your a GREAT Mama! :)