Thursday, June 23, 2011

today I am...

...loving how well the kids are playing with each other. Every day is not like this.

...enjoying our first successful batch of homemade ice-cream (peppermint!) in our Goodwill-purchased ice-cream maker.

...thinking that overcast days are much better for outside play, and hoping storms hold off for swim lessons tonight.

...wondering what is slowly decomposing out near our pool area, and why I can't find it to dispose of it. Ugh. It stinks. (so all my thoughts are not rosy-sweet, huh?)

...printing out MommyCoddle's blueberry buckle recipe and trying to figure out when we can get to the store for some blueberries.

...waiting for naptime in just a bit, and hoping to get some sewing on my new blouse done.

...enjoying a (relatively) quiet summer day, with no real agenda, and remembering what a blessing days like this are.

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