Wednesday, May 18, 2011

in the past week...

...our computer seems to be dying a slow and painful death, limiting the time I am on it! Fear for a new one is on the schedule! At any rate, I'm still here, all is well, and here is a glimpse of what I/We've been up to:

::a trip to the local park which has a working farm, to see all the baby animals, commune with the chickens, and enjoy a picnic at the playground

 ::planting all my annual flowers with the help of my girl (in her fashion forward stripes and plaid)
 ::making two new dinner recipes which were both a success! This vegetable fried rice (below) and a chicken and wild rice casserole with craisins and mushrooms. The kids both loved the fried rice, and the little guy loved the rice casserole too.
::learning to crochet enough to work on the strap for my knit market bag I'm almost finished making.
As well as watching the vegetable plants growing, and all the normal chores and fun of daily life around here. Hope you're having a good week too!

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