Sunday, May 1, 2011

garden journal 5.1.11

First harvests! Here are my "micro greens" from a few days ago--I felt very chic serving them up like a fancy restaurant might, however the reality is they are the fruit of my thinning out the rows of lettuce.  Ha! Yummy and fresh tasting though, with just a little balsalmic vinegar on them (the kids just ate them plain).

And we have started to have a few ripe strawberries. It's so hard to pinch off those unripened buds like I know I really should with new plants, so I pinch some, and let some mature, so we can enjoy the sweet results. Oh! How sweet these berries are. I am spoiled for life, I am afraid. Grocery store berries will never be the same to me. Yum.
Today we planted the rest of the garden.  The girlie helped with digging and with poking seeds into little holes. Fun! As before, the seeds are all from Botanical Interests, and the plants are Chef Jeff's, from my local garden center.

5.1.11 Third planting
Tomato seedlings-  3 'Roma Plum', and 2 'Super Sweet 100' (cherry tomato) plants.
Basil- Italian Large Leaf, one 3' row.
Squash, Summer- Black Beauty Zucchini, 6 seeds in one hill.
Beans- Pole, Blue Lake, two 2' rows.

Now we just need some sunshine, some rain, and time! I'll try to get a photo of the whole garden soon. Today was too drizzly and grey to have photos do the garden any justice.

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