Sunday, May 22, 2011

create:: farmer's market bag

Here's the market bag I've been mentioning, finished at long last. The pattern is called "Mineco" and I've added my Ravelry notes.  It is a bit longer and narrower that expected but quite functional and stretchy.  I took it out for a couple hours of yard sales and the farmer's market yesterday.

My loot:  8 books, including The Daring book for Girls (we have the boy's one already), a hardback Pollyanna, 3 Magic Tree House books, a Ramona book, a book on Trains, and one of my favorite childhood books, Mrs. Pigglewiggle by Betty MacDonald.  Also, a puzzle for the girlie, a monster-truck Matchbox-style car for the boy, and a pair of shorts. Total: $6.

From the market, a quart of sweet strawberries and a bunch of pea pods, to be shelled and cooked with tonight's dinner. Total: also $6.

I'll take the kiddo's to the market next time; this week was just for me (taking them to yard sales ends up with a lot more "stuff" being bought!). A mommy's morning out...good and cheap entertainment.

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