Thursday, March 31, 2011

create:: what is better than one cherry dress?

Two cherry dresses, of course!  Last summer I made the girlie her sweet sundress from Heather Ross's fun book, Weekend Sewing.  It's the "flower girl" dress, and I had to up-size it a bit, as girlie is no longer a toddler, but the pattern is still so cute! And the joy of a sundress is that sometimes, if you need a bit of spring and it is still in the 30's, its o.k. to wear with a turtleneck underneath. 

So I was delighted when the girlie asked to make a dress of the same fabric for her doll, Jenny. Instead of repeating the sundress, which we might do when the weather gets a bit warmer, she thought that Jenny's dress should be long-sleeved. I had picked up the Simplicity 7083 pattern a while back, so we chose to use their dress pattern. It probably took an hour and a half even with the girlie helping me (which as you crafting mama's know, does not add to the efficiency of the project!).  A touch of green ribbon, and it was done. Lovely!

...And just because he hasn't been featured here lately, here is a cute picture of the little pirate in our household! The mustache cracks me up.


  1. joann just had a sale on simplicity patterns - $0.99!!! I ended up getting 7 for me and 5 for a friend with a total savings of over $150!!! ridiculous! i was so thrilled. i can't wait to get started!!

  2. Sooo cute! I love cherry patterns! Great job Katie. :)