Wednesday, April 6, 2011

create:: spring headbands

 Spring must be the season of crafting...oh, wait, I think that is every season around here!  Lately it's been clothing and accessories, and these reversible headbands are the latest in a group of projects for the girlie and me. I found the pattern and idea at The Long Thread, which is a lovely sewing and crafting blog that also provides lots and lots of links to other crafty spots in the blogosphere.

The pink and denim headband is for my lovely girl, her hair is shoulder length and hides the elastic, but mine is longer and often tied back, so I put a gathered fabric sleeve around the elastic on mine, which was easy almost painless. Anyway, I'm quite delighted with the result, so there may be quite a few more of these forthcoming. Now that I've ironed the kinks out of the process, they go together quickly (which means, less than the time between when the boy goes down for a nap and when the girlie gets off the bus)! A perfect sized project.

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  1. Those are so awesome! I want one! How much would you sell one for?!