Thursday, March 10, 2011

read:: 52 loaves

This has been a slow week...feeling like I'm moving in slow motion. Lacking energy and waiting for spring. So I spent most of the weekend reading 52 Loaves, by William Alexander. If you like bread like I do (which means...its one of your top 3 food items in the world...ok, maybe one of your top 1!), or like baking, then this book is for you.  If you are a Food Network junkie, or have America's Test Kitchen on your DVR and watch it just about every night like we do, then this book is for you. And hey, if you just want to read about one guy's crazy idea for a year long project, that just happens to send him on a "field trip" to a baking school and monastery in France, then, again, this book is for you. 

I dabble in bread baking, having found a recipe for sourdough that really works for me, in Lovina Eicher's The Amish Cook at Home.  I love the yeasty smell of the starter as it develops, and the dough as it rises.  But I'm also a friend of my breadmaker. So I have to say that the best way to read this book, is laying on the couch, under an afghan (preferably made by your Mom-mom, or other such relative), while smelling your breadmaker slaving away on garlic-herb bread. Yum.

Gotta go...there's some bread calling to me....

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