Sunday, March 13, 2011

signs of spring

Spring must really be on its way. My early jonquils are blooming, and as we spent
the afternoon in the backyard, I found it full of the early signs of spring, including this crocus which was not planted by anyone, and just appeared. Enjoy!

opening the sandbox
outdoor knitting...
 This is my vegetable garden! Can't you see it? OK. So right now it is the rubble of the concrete slab that used to be under a shed. But in a few weeks with good weather and good luck, there will be two 4'x8' raised-bed vegetable gardens getting started here! Lots of my plans and dreams going into this space...and lots of the hubby's hard work (along with neighbors, and father-in-law pitching in to help too...).

I'll leave you with this forsythia, which is just on the edge of blooming. Spring is coming!

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