Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring:: under construction

 There are changes afoot.  You probably noticed some "spring" arriving on this blog. It is still in process as I am pondering color changes and whether this really is "me".

Spring means flurries this morning, and the weeping cherry tree across the street showing off its prettiest days of the year.

Spring means daffodils and dandelions in bloom.

Spring means waiting just a little bit longer to plant the early seeds in my new garden...although I'm pretty sure my patience won't last the week. 

Spring means still needing to bundle up to go outside, even though the sun is so inviting.

Spring means the farmer's market opens next Saturday and I can't wait to see what they have brought out this early.

Spring means the farm store sign saying "Chicks have arrived". (No, we're not getting any...)

Spring means pretty dresses for the girlie--this dress was mine, and the sweater also, knit with love by my Mom-mom somewhere around 1980 or so. She looks just like a daffodil.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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