Tuesday, May 1, 2012

preschool picnic

These kids make my heart smile. My little guy has been in a wonderful 3-year-old pre-K program this year, at the same preschool his sister went to. And as time does usually fly around here, suddenly we are at the end of the year picnic. Thankfully the pouring rain we woke up to this morning blew away so that by 10 or so it was sunny and getting warm. The  kids ran and ran and played and played on the park playground, we ate hot dogs and gooey cupcakes (yes, even weight-watcher mommies ate cupcakes!), we walked down to the lake to see the ducks and were rewarded with fuzzy baby geese, and all the while, I watched. Watched my boy playing with friends that have become so dear to him. With his buddy C., who is the best little friend a boy could have. And with all the other boys and girls. Watched him sharing, and smiling and making good choices. All our days are not like this...he is a normal 4 year old, after all! But today was a good day.

I don't like to post pictures of other people's kids without their permission, but here are some of the geese, with their fuzzy little babies, and one more of my boy, who has never met a stump he didn't want to climb on!

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