Wednesday, May 2, 2012

garden journal 5.2.12

Yesterday I finished planting this year's vegetables and herbs. Its amazing to see the plants from March 21 doing so well, and funny to see things that I expected to do well not coming along as well. Here's what the garden looks like as of yesterday:
So the lettuce is just barely coming along, as are the scallions, but the strawberries are growing gangbusters and the peas and sunflowers are too. Lettuce grew like crazy last year but I think about half of my first seeding either didn't germinate or washed away in heavy rains. I've overseeded the area twice since then, and some new growth seems to be starting. Here's the run-down on what's growing where:

The tomato plants, basil, bush beans, dill, and cucumbers are what went in the ground yesterday. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have something to show for all those seeds. I've really crammed things in there this year. We'll see if I'm regretting it come July or August; will it seem overcrowded? There will be a trellis added for the cucumbers, and it will shade the lettuce, hopefully extending it's season.  But my "first fruits" will be strawberries. If my resident squirrel doesn't eat them all. Which reminds me I need to look into some kind of netting to protect them! He's been nosing around out there every day.

Everything's still green, but I'm hopeful that in a few weeks there will be a wonderful crop of beautiful red berries. I can't wait to taste their sweetness. There should even be enough to take in the house this year. Last year we only had a few berries, and we ate them fresh off the vine. Summer goodness is coming. I can almost taste it!

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