Thursday, April 26, 2012

working on

This week I am:
  • packing up knitting projects to make progress on while at a veterinary conference this weekend
  • watching my garden grow like gangbusters (pictures soon, I promise...its pouring right now)
  • waiting for a sunny warm day to photograph the girlie in the spring dress I made for her
  • making time to sit, and regroup, and feel like my priorities in life are re-ordered and better routines are established.
  • listening to Pandora every chance I get, and loving the Celtic music channel
  •  making sure everything is set for the family for the 3 nights I will be gone (note: hubby is completely capable. I don't really have to do all the prepwork of meal planning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. But I do it anyway).
  • hoping that hubby and kiddos don't spend too much money at the Lego store while I am gone
  • starting a new book, Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis. It has the potential to either inspire me by what this young woman has done with her life, or to depress me that my life is so different. More later, I promise (once I've read it!).
  • celebrating 14.6 pounds that I've lost in 6 weeks of Weight Watchers, and hoping this 4 day conference doesn't result in terrible eating (must...have...will power!)
I'm heading out later this morning...back with you sometime early next week! 

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