Thursday, May 10, 2012

this and that

Just a brief post to show you what we've been up to this week:

"First fruits": Harvesting our first (and only) ripe strawberry. Lots more to come, hopefully, but so far only this one. Gorgeous, wasn't it? And yummy.

Appreciating our teachers:  The kids had fun making little teacher gifts with a cute flower pot, some flower-themed note cards, and hand decorated little wood birdhouses. The sign came from a printable I found, where else, but Pinterest! It says, "I couldn't have picked a better teacher". We had lots of great teachers this year to celebrate! 

Smoothie Pops!: I had a yummy strawberry banana smoothie this morning, and lots of left-over, so into the popsicle molds they went. My recipe: about 10-12 overripe strawberries (thus the smoothie), 2 bananas I had cut into chunks and frozen last night (so no ice needed), about 3/4 cup vanilla non-fat greek yogurt, and some milk, maybe another 3/4 cup? Lastly, a little honey stirred in for sweetness.

Hopefully some sewing to come this afternoon. We'll see. How is your week going?

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