Saturday, May 5, 2012

maryland sheep and wool festival fun

Today we went "adventuring" of my favorite things to do. Get out of the house, go somewhere, see something new, experience something in a new way, just go. Today's adventure was a trip to the 2012 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, held about 40 minutes from our home. I'd never been, and had been hearing about it for the past couple of years, ever since I started knitting.  Hubby and the kids somewhat reluctantly joined me for a day that promised lots of sheep, lots of yarn for mommy to look at  (drool over, and buy), and hopefully an ice-cream treat. (I may have told them that going to this with me would count towards Mother's Day...that may have helped encourage them...or it may have just been the promise of ice cream.)

They still may not tell you that it was fun. But when I look at the pictures, I can see the fun we had. I certainly loved the sheep, bringing back lots of good memories of veterinary school experiences. I undoubtedly enjoyed browsing through all the gorgeous wool and fiber (and even restrained myself to only buying wool for two small-ish projects). There were so many other moments of fun, though, getting some Alpaca love...
don't you just love this face?

...watching those fabulous border collies doing their job right,

...watching spinners and broom-makers and musicians, and seeing all the fancy breeds of sheep.

Knitters, spinners, sheep people and the like are a wonderful, kind, creative and crazy assortment of folks!  There was, of course, the promised ice-cream, and a funnel cake for the hubby, and lemonade. Was it a good adventure? You bet. Will they go with me again? The jury is still out...but if I promise ice cream, I think the chances are good.

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