Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the good, the bad, and the very cute

(subtitle: or why you haven't heard from me until now)

The good: the preschool Easter party and egg hunt last Thursday. Great weather. Great fun. As always, the egg hunt is over in approximately 24 seconds after a mad dash for eggs. Smart school, each kid gets exactly the same number of eggs--no fussing or whining or fighting over who got what.

Also good: purchasing my new Kindle fire and spending lots of time finding out what it can and can't do. Spending too much time with it, means less time on the good old desktop where I can upload photos and blog!

And third, going to see The Lorax yesterday. The thing about Dr. Seuss is that it is just as wonderful at 37 as it was at 4 and 6, and the kids and I loved it!

So now, on to the bad: stomach virus slowly making its way through our household, leaving me days when I wondered if there would ever be anything good to blog about again. Ok, enough of the bad. I don't want to talk about it and I know you don't really want to hear about it. On to...

The oh-so-very-cute! Just because our kitten Cassie is growing up so fast (5 1/2 months old now) and I love how she just adores our older cat, Dora. So this one is for all you cat lovers out there:
And that's about all there is to say about this past week. On to our adventures my next post!

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