Saturday, April 7, 2012

mama's takin' us to the zoo... (with daddy too)

Today! Our wonderful Maryland Zoo had an event this weekend called "Bunny Bonanzoo"! Combine that with free reciprocal admission through our B&O Railroad Museum membership this month, and a free, fun, family adventure was born!  It was cool, breezy, but sunny, and we enjoyed the evidence of spring in the trees and flowers as well as all the animals.  For an animal lover and a photography enthusiast, the zoo is like my playground (and here are the many photos to prove it). I love the zoo.

P.S. I can never go to the zoo without singing that old Peter, Paul and Mary tune that I grew up with:
"Mama's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow...." (at least singing it in my head!)
our trip was complete with a visit with the Easter Bunny!
watching the Jones Falls Zephyr train
happy swinging...
love this gnarly tree!

the girlie said, "he freaks me out!"
chimp naptime...curl up wherever you can find a good spot!
yes, we really were that close! (thank goodness for glass)
penguin in "flight"
Sifaka hanging around

Okapi, the girlie's favorite animal
sleepy cheetah
having a chat with a big bird...
this one's for Grandpa who loves tortoises and turtles!
lumpy rocks wouldn't be my first choice of nap location!

Hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to the zoo. And maybe your mama would take you to the zoo tomorrow...if you ask really nicely! Happy Easter, everyone!

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