Friday, April 8, 2011

adventuring is best with friends

Yesterday we had a great spring day and nothing on the schedule, so a great day to head into D.C. for some adventuring, taking along some friends for extra fun.  Four kids aged five and under meant Natural History (which, I'll admit, is my favorite, anyway). Here's our fun!
Does anyone know where we're going??

Four cuties

M. loving on a dinosaur bone while the other boys wonder why...

Who do you see in my crystal ball?

riding the Metro is half the fun
we're following the leader...

On to our next adventure...tomorrow...the Circus! Hope you are having an adventure-filled week!


  1. looks like a great day. we like going to the FDR memorial on the Mall - lots of layers to climb, water features, etc.

  2. What fun! And the Circus too!! Your starting the spring off right!