Sunday, April 10, 2011

garden journal 4.10.11

I still haven't figured out quite how to keep my garden updates. For now they'll just appear here, sporadically.

So here's the "dirt" (couldn't resist that one!) on what's going on:

All my seeds came from Botanical Interests, which I was able to purchase at my local garden center. The strawberry plants are seedlings from Chef Jeff's, purchased at the garden center as well.

4.1.11 First planting:
Pea- Shelling, Green Arrow, approx. 30 seeds.  5-10 days to emerge.
Carrot- Carnival Blend (fun! orange, white, purple, and yellow carrots). One 4' row.  10-25 days to emerge.
Lettuce- Mesclun, Farmers Market Blend, One 4' row. 5-10 days to emerge.
Lettuce- Leaf, Salad Bowl Blend. One 6-7' row. 5-10 days to emerge.

4.10.11 Second planting, first emergence:
6 strawberry plants went in the ground today, they are Ozark Beauty Everbearing strawberry.  I really pondered the June-bearing versus the everbearing types...and decided we like strawberries for a snack more than any other way, so it might be better to have fewer berries at a time, but all through the growing season.  The kids helped me plant.
The lettuce is up, both kinds, about 1/4" tall.  Today there are 2 small pea shoots up, I'm hoping there are many more to come.  No sign of carrots, yet, but its still early for them.        

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