Thursday, October 21, 2010

using my time wisely (?)

OK. So my goal for my days at home this week was to make some progress dealing with the piles of paper that accumulate around here. Trying to be diligent and take care of these things. Its not really my fault that all manner of other projects seem to take over! Really!  Here's what I've been working on (instead) today...
  • trip to Joann Fabrics, for fabric to make the curtains for my little guy's bedroom.  While there, also buy 4 skeins of yarn for future projects.
  • start cutting into pieces the full-sized quilt I found at consignment, again for the little guy's room.  It really was too big for his twin sized bed.  A little scary cutting it up to recreate it in smaller form, though.  Pictures to come.
  • purchase inexpensive frames to frame leftover pieces from above quilt, as wall decor.
  • making snack for our home group (small group Bible study) tonight:  rice-krispie treats complete.  Now I am going to try this recipe: Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies which I just found searching the net. Review to come...but it sure looks yummy.
I also finished a Dorothy (of Oz) costume for my beautiful girl's Halloween costume.  Last year after umpteen hours with a Tinkerbell pattern and silky/filmy fabrics that cost more than the Disney store version, I swore I'd never make her costume again.  Ha.  Back to the sewing machine this year, but a totally different story:  less than $10 in supplies (plus $12 sparkly red shoes), 2 hours, and no pattern, and I made a perfectly cute little blue gingham jumper. I'm sure those pictures will show up here soon too.

Enough talk, off to the kitchen to make those cookies! 
Needless to say, not much paperwork has been done this week.

Addendum:  here's a couple of photos from my projects... the quilt in "deconstruction phase"...and the cookies, which were oh-so-yummy!!

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