Thursday, October 14, 2010

rainy day baking

It is one of those rainy October days when a sweater feels good, even in the house. The kind of day when a nap seems like the best way to spend an afternoon.  The wet leaves plaster the driveway. And there is no wind, so the pervasive feeling is quiet, and calm.  And it is one of those rainy October days which is so perfect for a little baking, for filling the house with warmth, and a little flour, laughter as we mix and make a mess, and yes, yummy smells.  We made banana bread this morning, the little guy and I.   It's my Mom-mom's recipe in her own handwriting, which has been photo-copied from my mom's cookbook, the page spattered with batter from years past.  It's comfort food, pure and simple:  it smells good while baking, it tastes so so good warm from the oven with a little butter, and it brings back memories of family and happiness and times past. 

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