Sunday, October 24, 2010

trucks and stuff

It has been a crazy busy weekend, mostly good stuff, with some chores and things thrown in.  I'm usually pretty good about knowing how much I can get done but I totally overestimated this weekend, and as a result, I'm just now getting a blog entry done, and there are zucchini on my counter that haven't yet been made into zucchini bread--they will have to wait a day or two, now.

What did get done? Yard sales, farmer's market, deliver daughter to/from a birthday party, dinner out with my in-laws, paperwork, church, laundry, crock-pot meal, and...

"TOUCH A TRUCK"-- a great event put on by our local hospital, where they gathered all sorts of big trucks and public service vehicles, and allowed the kids to clamber all over them.  The little guy and I had a blast exploring every last one while his sister was at the birthday party.  Here's the evidence:

Airport snow-thrower!

Yes, it means..touch a truck! (or 20)

Bigger than him!
Army man!
...or UPS driver...

...or mailman?

All those horns and sirens got loud!

So, that wraps up my weekend. Off to bed.  Hopefully I'll get back into some crafting, some cooking (that zucchini bread!), and some reading in the next few days.  Until then, good night!

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