Monday, October 24, 2011

fall festival fun

With a beautiful fall weekend, we had time to go enjoy the activities at a big garden center near us.  Pony rides, an "oil drum train", face painting, pumpkin painting, the hay bale maze, and all the other activities entertained us all! And for me, the beautiful drive through farm country and woods turning a palette of autumn colors rounded out a gorgeous day and some wonderful memories for me.

Halloween is coming! The decorations are out, the candy is bought, the costumes are ready (one home-made and one store bought this year), the cider is being drunk daily, the pumpkin bread has been baked (and one loaf rapidly consumed). Love it. Pictures of the costume and the painted pumpkin will have to wait until we get into the costumed activities of the coming weekend. Halloween is not a holiday that I really get into...but there are so many fun parts. And to celebrate the change of seasons and the autumn all around us--now that is a celebration I can get behind!

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  1. Did you think you would be weathering a snow storm before Halloween? Crazy insanity! Cute pictures ;~)