Wednesday, February 23, 2011

signs of life

I know Spring is coming.  The calendar may say there is still a month to go, but the signs are all around me. And I rejoice in:
  • my energy coming back!
  • the snow and ice from two days ago already being mostly gone, and with that, the trickle trickle of the gutters collecting the melt from the roof
  • the daffodil and tulip shoots peeking through the snow
  • wanting to be back in my craft room, finishing some languishing projects
  • walking to the mailbox without a coat on
  • the urge to clean, clean, clean!
  • robins starting to outnumber the winter birds
Hurrah! This week I am trying to get the curtains for the boy's room sewn...this has been a project from way back last fall when I re-did his quilt (here) to fit his bed. The quilt and two sets of Pottery Barn sheets (discontinued pattern) were a great find at my local consignment store. One set of sheets is on his bed almost all the time, but the other set was full-sized and I had a vision of some curtains. The fabric was probably bought in November or December, but just this week I finally took scissors to the sheets and got started. More to come...

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