Tuesday, February 15, 2011

winter rhythms

The middle of February. The middle of winter. A slow time, both figuratively and literally. Slower paces at work and at home tend to make me a little crazy, feeling like I should be using my time more productively. But thanks to a wonderful blog post here, I have rethought what I should be doing--using my time more wisely. The quote from that blog that stuck with me is this:

"winter is intended as a time of rest.   And really expecting herself to be as productive in the winter as she is any other time of the year was setting herself up for failure."
God created the world and its seasons. Even Ecclesiastes reminds me that "to everything there is a season, and a time under heaven".  He made seasons of growth, of harvest, and of rest.  There is a new peacefulness in my heart, as I am learning to give myself a break, to spend some extra time reading or in other quiet activities, to not feel like I must take on a new creative project right now. The time will come. The day will come when I am compelled to go hole up in my craft area and "get making". But it is ok if today is not that day.

It is ok if my daily rhythms are of maintenance (laundry, go to the gym, grocery shopping, clean up around the house) and care (for the kiddos, my dear husband, and for myself). It is ok to sit and watch the lovely birds on the feeder--there is a gorgeous and noisy male cardinal right now.  It is ok to watch the cat nap in the sunshine...or to take a nap myself. 

Fields left fallow in the winter do not stay that way for long. Soon enough, plowing is followed by planting and growing.  Soon enough spring will be here.  Literal truths for centuries of agricultural societies become figurative for us, but there is still truth there.  For now, I will treasure a slower pace.

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