Thursday, February 17, 2011

hope for spring

We are blessed to have wonderful friends who have 2 boys a bit older than the little guy.  He looks up to those boys and wants to be just like them.  And they are good role models, and so sweet to him.  Friends, we are grateful for you!  The thermometer read 66.7 (F)  in the shade, and we all wandered through the park today with no coats on! I know winter will likely return in the next week, but for now, we are loving the break this gives us.  What's the spring version of "Indian Summer" called?  That's what we are experiencing. Fresh air. Birds singing.  Even the ice on the lake didn't dampen our spirits. 
the seagull report: "yup. still frozen."
I had forgotten that when you first get back to the park after a long winter's break, its always amazing to see how the kiddos have matured and can do so much more than before.  The little guy had fun on his buddy's big-boy bike, and ran and climbed and jumped off of anything he could find-- logs, benches, playground equipment, hillsides.  At 3, I don't have to be right there by his side every moment anymore, which is good because I think it would be hard to keep up!
three in a row...stair-steps.

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