Monday, November 22, 2010

vanity and gratitude and teeth

Almost three weeks ago, my little guy, who is 2 1/2, fell hard on his two front teeth while playing a little too roughly.  It was a genetically predetermined accident, as both myself and my mother have done much damage to our own front teeth in similar falls.  But back to the boy...the gums bled briefly, and the teeth were a bit loose for about a week, then all seemed fine....until the teeth started darkening.  And now my little guy who is about the smiliest little fellow you ever saw, has a smile that is marred by these two teeth, one brownish, one still darkening to an almost purple-grey color. 

Vanity has me so very sad to see this smile change, has me wishing we had stopped the play just a little sooner, has me frustrated that the dentist says nothing cosmetic can be done about it, and that unless a miracle occurs, the teeth will stay discolored until he loses them in another 3 years. 

Gratitude has me so glad that the teeth stayed in his head, that he didn't hurt himself worse, that no stitches or emergency room visits were needed.  That my little guy is just as smiley as ever, and that he doesn't realize that his smile is any different than it ever was.

I pray for a miracle and that the color of the teeth would lighten, even just a bit. I pray that no infection will occur that would require the teeth to be pulled (or at least not until he is 4 and close to that age anyway!). I pray that he will never know ridicule, teasing, or poor self-image when he gets to be school aged.  And I pray that I will learn quickly to look beyond the changed smile to the heart of the boy who is just as happy and loving as he ever was.  I love him so.

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