Tuesday, November 9, 2010

good neighbors

The house next door to us is for sale.  It has been vacant since the summer, and it is exciting to have the for sale sign finally up this week.  And today, just this afternoon, there have been at least 3 different folks there looking at it.  I feel like a spy, peering out the front window, praying for a good family.  I have seen 2 women with a little girl about 4 years old, and I have seen a young man in a military uniform (Navy, I think?). Didn't catch the third...just saw the car.  We have been praying for a wonderful neighbor family, for good kids to be friends with ours, for good parents to be friends with us!  I pray for silly things like not too noisy, and no mean dogs.  I pray for serious things, like the chance to be a good neighbor to them, for Christ's love to shine through our family.  And I pray for a quick sale, since the family selling the house is supporting it's owner who is now in assisted living.

I pray for the kind of neighbors I had growing up...families who let the kids run back and forth from house to house all summer long, who looked out for one another and loved each other as only good neighbors can. 

I pray for good neighbors, and I pray to be a good neighbor.

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