Thursday, November 11, 2010

baby love

My gorgeous nephew was born today, in Naples, Italy.  And I am rejoicing with his wonderful mommy and daddy and big brother.  I love the internet for the ability to see these pictures of him so new to this world.  And yet all day it seems that my arms have felt oh-so-empty.  For I want to cuddle this little guy so badly, to hold his brand new little body in my arms.  I remember the feel of my own two little ones when they were just this small, how they felt and that new baby smell, and their warm heavy bodies.  I am sad that with such distance between us, I won't hold this little one until he is much much bigger.  For I love him already.  I pray my brother and his wife will tell him over and over how much his family on this side of the ocean is loving him.  Welcome to the world, baby boy!

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