Sunday, January 27, 2013

what we've been up to lately

Since I haven't been as present in this blog this January, I thought I'd give you a little update on happenings around our household in the past few weeks, and a few photos to share. Honestly, it has been a fairly quiet January. We have all had our share of respiratory or sinus crud that seems to circle endlessly and never quite go away, but thankfully no one has been terribly ill, just annoyingly ill (well enough to work, go to school, and sick enough to not really want to do those things). I have vacillated between long hours reading on the couch and short hours of mad activity, housecleaning and organizing and other very "Januaryish" home activities.

One of our fun times lately has been for the girlie and myself as I am teaching her to use her very own sewing machine! After a brief try with a toy sewing machine that produced much frustration and very few nice stitches, I did some research online and after reading the review on the Ikat Bag blog, I decided to buy the IKEA Sy sewing machine. It is a real sewing machine that yes, my 7 year old can use. It sews like a dream and there has been not ONE moment of technical frustration from me or daughter. It is a little smaller than a full size machine, and very simple to use, not intimidating at all even for a beginner. I cannot say enough good things about it. It is pretty basic, which was actually a good selling point for what I wanted for her (and there is the fact that I didn't want to get her a machine that made me envious...since my machine is pretty basic too!). Our first project was sheets for her doll's bunk beds (that her daddy built).

We've also had a bit of snow this week, an inch here, an inch there, and not that much to speak of. It was, however, enough for the kids to get out in it and enjoy a few runs on our front yard hill with the sled, and for a snowy tromp down to the river in our neighborhood. Hopefully we'll get a bit more snow this winter, but it was a start.
see all the grass poking through? the kids didn't care!

snow angels!

ice at the river. cool shapes!

my bird feeder, one of my favorite Christmas gifts (the cats like it too!)

 Happy January, everyone! Stay warm and healthy!

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