Sunday, January 13, 2013

a winter outing on a not-so-wintry day

I'm as tall as the Washington Monument!
The boy and I did a little outing to the Smithsonian this week, just to get out of the house and do something. I let him dictate our agenda once we got there; we've been to the Smithsonian's museums enough that he knows most of what there is to offer.

Which means that when we got there, we struggled to decide: Air and Space? No. Not today. Today we go to American History, to the exhibit tucked away on the lower level in a corner: the Machine exhibit. Batteries, generators, steam engines, belt-driven machinery, giant pistons. Everything that my boy loves. His New Year's resolution at school was "Learn how to fix machines". Ha!

Yes, thats me, upside-down in a crystal ball. Photo credit to the boy!
Amythyst crystals
After enjoying the machines (ok, he enjoyed, I just followed around not being able to add much to the discussion), we did wander some of the other exhibits. They have a new "FOOD" exhibit with a redesigned presentation of Julia Child's kitchen, which never ceases to inspire me. We walked through the vehicle area, and the Presidents. And then after lunch, we headed off to more comfortable grounds for me: Natural History. We visited our favorite dinosaur skeletons and wandered upstairs to the volcano exhibits before finishing up in gems and minerals.  A good day! Looking forward to going back with both kids in a couple weeks when the girlie has the day off school.

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