Tuesday, January 29, 2013

another spring-like day in D.C.

We've been very lucky to have had a couple wonderful weather days to go to Washington, D.C. this winter. Both kids had off Monday and Tuesday this week (semester break, I think) and we had planned this trip weeks ago...and it was in the mid-60's today! This after having a minor ice-storm yesterday morning, and we're supposed to be back in the 30's by Friday. Crazy mid-atlantic winters!

Our main reason for taking our trip today was that Tuesdays are the free admission day at the butterly pavillion at the Smithosonian Natural History Museum. You get to go into an enclosed greenhouse-like space with hundreds of butterflies loose in the enclosure. So cool! Girlie wanted one to land on her soooo badly, and we just barely got one to stay long enough for a quick pic...while I had one nesting in my hair almost the whole time! :)  My little guy (who turns 5 Monday...not so little!) didn't really like them landing on him. So of course they did land on him. Ha! Anyway, butterflies make for great photos in the middle of winter.

this one hung out on my ponytail the whole time!

They also had a temporary exhibit on Latin American Orchids...they smelled so very good! We felt like today was an oasis in the middle of our winter. There was also time to visit T. Rex and the other dinos, to see most of the other Natural History exhibits, and to hike down the National Mall to briefly stop in Air & Space (for birthday shopping, see boy turning 5, above), and to play in the childrens exhibit at the American Indian Museum (which ROCKS....full size teepee, foam block igloos to build, lots of other stuff for great free play while exhausted mama collapses on a chair).  A great day.

aaaahhh! we're being eaten by T. Rex!!!
coats optional!

My readers, you probably get tired of hearing about the Smithsonian from me (and especially the Natural History Museum!). But I never tire of it. It is truly a national museums of such amazing quality. So close to home. They are a wonderful blessing.

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