Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a summer weekend

While there is no "typical" summer weekend, this past weekend we did things that were the perfect mix to me of what summer should be. We went to the "Farm Fair", which is the county fair where I grew up, about an hour from here. We saw pigs. We sweat like pigs. We watched kids in a pie-eating contest. And the hubby his boy went back and saw the tractor pulls. Nothing says summer like the fair.

After the fair, we met up with my extended family at my Aunt and Uncle's house, for a summer birthday party and to see my cousin and her little guy, who she calls "Q" on her blog. He's about 20 months and just as cute as a button. There was barbecue, and kids running around and playing, and cake and ice cream, and a screened in porch. Of course almost all the photos I took were of Q:

 Then on Sunday we spent the afternoon, after church, getting all the normal chores done that we had not done on Saturday! But to cap off a wonderful weekend, we went to the Summer Concert at one of our county parks. The concert shell is right on the Chesapeake Bay, and it was a gorgeous evening. We packed a picnic, and let the kids run and play. I love that they can make friends anywhere we go.
Now that is what a summer weekend is supposed to be. Sunday night I went to bed about as happy as I could be.

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  1. Oh! I'm so sorry we missed you! We had the lamb show all day Friday, so stayed home most of Saturday, until we had to come back for the livestock auction that evening! It was HOT though, wasn't it. Sweating like pigs is no joke! :)