Friday, July 6, 2012

create:: kindle fire cover

A few months ago I joined the modern age with a Kindle Fire. The first weekend I had it, I whipped up a little felt envelope to keep it protected in my purse; not pretty, just functional. But the more I had it, the more I wanted something...more. And so I perused the web, I scanned ideas on Pinterest, I pondered and dug through my fabric stash. And I found a pattern that would work for me at Clover and Violet, with just a few modifications. I pulled out some linen scraps, and some fat quarters that were waiting for just the perfect thing, and a few hours later, I had this!
 I am a list maker and a stuff-keeper, so adding  lots of pockets were essential!
 See? Perfect for index cards, lists, etc. I can even put my earbuds in the big pocket for when I'm travelling.
 I love the snap closure, and the colors make me smile every time I pull it out. Which is a lot. I may be addicted to my little Kindle Fire. Maybe.

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